Quality Australian Food Globally

Juremont’s reputation as a leading supplier of ingredients to the Australian manufacturing industry positions us to provide export services to support our customers’ global trade strategies. Sourcing predominately Australian made quality green and clean product and ingredients in volume for the Asian Pacific market is a part of our Strategic Plan.

Assisting customers to reach their global potential

Juremont works with our customers and distributor partners to create new product lines and alternative ingredient options based on our understanding of global food trends. We appreciate the requirements and tastes of our overseas market base and assist with development of memorable brands that drive consumer demand in new markets.

We are across the eligibility requirements, supply chain management and logistics associated with export of food products and ingredients so our customers can focus on production and volume whilst we organise the distribution through our partners.

Juremont Global is well placed to identify and connect Australian food manufacturers and producers with potential Australian and overseas buyers.

Our diverse product range is competitively priced and pitched at providing mutually commercial benefits for all stakeholders.

Working with distributors to create new export markets

We have established successful working relationships with distributors in the Asia Pacific region specifically in China, Hong Kong, Philippines and Pacific Islands.

In China our distributor covers 31 provinces and over 2000 high end I&C specialty stores, 20+ major supermarket and department stores and an online consumer store. We are actively seeking new distribution networks to open more doors to the global market for our clients.

Visit Juremont Global to learn more about our extensive services. For all business and sales enquiries please contact us at our Head Office in Melbourne and one of our team will be happy to assist.