Juremont is a proud distributor partner of Barry Callebaut industrial chocolate into both Australia and New Zealand.

The Barry Callebaut brand is synonymous with producing quality chocolate sourced from a variety of origins, prepared into pack sizes to meet our customers individual manufacturing requirements. Their extensive range is continually developing to meet and exceed consumer demand and support our chocolate manufacturers in their business growth.




Classic, Ruby, Caramel Dore, Sugar solutions, Organic, without added dairy, functional, origin specific, swiss made, chocolate & printing

Chips & Chunks

Classic, sugar solutions, organic, swiss made, bake stable


Soft coatings, hard coatings, sugar solutions, ice cream coatings


Classic, sugar solutions, organic fillings, bake stable, caramel fillings, nut fillings, fruit fillings,

Decorations & Inclusions

Nibs, Chocolate, Caramel, Nut, Sugar, Cereal, Biscuits, Fruit decorations and inclusions