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As a global sugar supplier, Czarnikow, has managed the global sourcing of sugar for over 150 years, is active in 90 countries and moves 780,000 containers per annum. The Czarnikow reach, buying powder and supply chain network enables Juremont customers to benefit from access to the global trade of physical sugar and derivatives.

Czarnikow supply bulk unrefined (raw) sugar and refined (white) sugar to Juremont as their Australian distributor.  The company has a long-standing reputation for being an innovative and dependable partner, able to embrace change and entrepreneurship, whilst guaranteeing integrity and high ethical standards.

Czarnikow’s “Vive” Sustainability Program is based on continuous improvement that measures, monitors and benchmarks performance against global sustainability standards along the entire sugar supply chain.  This improves the understanding of sustainability risks and mitigation strategies and fosters change through bespoke plans, at both the farm and factory level.