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Juremont is the largest supplier of gelatine into Australia.  Founded in Brazil, South America in 1998, Gelnex has been working in partnership with Juremont since 2002.

Gelnex are experts in the production of gelatine, collagen peptides and agglomerate collagen.

Gelnex produces porcine and bovine gelatine suitable for food applications.  Multifunctional properties include versatility as a gelling agent, emulsifier, thickener and binder.  It is thermally reversible, able to melt by heating and gel again when cooled. Applications include gummy confectionery, yoghurts and desserts, bakery fillings and glazing.

Gelnex hydrolyzed collagen is a natural, soluble and fibrous protein that consists of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline amino acids aiding in protecting organs and providing structure to joints and tendons.  Water retention and foaming properties make collagen a key functional ingredient used in functional drinks and foods, dairy products, confectionery, dietary supplements, nutricosmetics and healthy snacks.

Gelnex supplies agglomerate collagen which builds the body’s fundamental supporting tissues providing extracellular matrix support to cells. Collagen is passed through a purified water mist which binds to each collagen particle attracting further collagen and water particles to become a highly bioavailable micro cluster of ready to use collagen.

Food safety is paramount at Gelnex.  All manufacturing locations are BRC certified.  Quality parameters are carefully monitored and verified during each production process to ensure safety, consistency, traceability and performance.

The Gelnex Sustainability Program focusses on developing business sustainably by integrating with community via job creation.  Environmental responsibility is evident in all stages of production process.