Sustainability as a Business Driver – ConTech 2019

This year’s ConTech2019 Keynote Speaker, Leigh Pezzicara, Head of Barry Callebaut Global Sustainability Market, Communications & Customer Outreach, will be highlighting the importance to food manufacturers of sustainability as a business driver.

Barry Callebaut, together with Juremont, their industrial cocoa distributor partner in Australia, believe that well managed sustainability programs attract commercial benefits for food manufacturers as consumers demand ethical sourcing and supply accountability.

Ms Pezzicara advised, “Business as usual is no longer an option – companies and brands must address sustainability. It is not only a necessity in order to decrease risk and stay relevant in today’s demanding landscape, but it is also a great opportunity for growth and differentiation”.

“Manufacturers need to focus on the relevance of sustainability, what drives consumer behaviour, and how to connect with them through authentic storytelling, increasing brand value and driving impact and change where it is needed most”.

Ms Pezzicara, specialises in strategy development, implementation and branding with an emphasis on leveraging trends to build narratives that drive behaviour change and purchasing intent around sustainable products.

June 19, 2019
Melbourne Cricket Ground

P: +61 3 98302870

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